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Thursday, May 19, 2022 | Dallas, Texas

We are excited to invite everyone to Dallas, Texas for the 2022 Aya Symposium for in-person experience. A virtual registration option is also available for our friends and supporters out of state. Join us for another engaging, informational and inspiring day on things Texas Freedom Colonies.

2022 Theme
This Woman's Work


The Aya Symposium, whose overarching purpose is to serve as a vehicle for the “multidisciplinary exploration of Texas Freedom Colonies,” chose to focus on the intersection of race and gender to uncover the untold stories of female heroines, strategists, and organizers within Texas Freedom Colonies.

Black women have been a cornerstone to creating many freedom communities working alongside their counterparts, as well as taking on leadership roles to uplift and empower their communities. History often leaves out the ways in which women, and Black women in particular, have contributed in meaningful and transformative ways. Through this theme, the 2022 Aya Symposium explores the fascinating and unknown stories within Texas Freedom Colonies that deserve equal recognition.



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Daina Ramey Berry, Ph.D.

2022 Keynote Speaker


Dr. Berry is "a scholar of the enslaved" and a specialist on gender and slavery, as well as Black women's history in the United States. Berry is the award winning author and editor of six books and several scholarly articles.

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Professor, United States History
University of Texas at Austin


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