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9:00am CT - 5:00pm CT


Texas Freedom Colonies & Overview of the Texas Freedom Colonies Project

Cutting Edge Technology Panel Discussion

Moderator: Andrea Roberts, Ph.D.

Panelists: Clint Johnson (Esri/NorthStar), Carl Settles (E4 Youth AR/VR), Kinkofa

Concurrent Demonstrations

The panelists from the "Cutting Edge Technology" discussion will host demonstrations.

Sustaining Freedom Colonies Workshops

Funmi Ogunro, Austin Freedom Colonies

Rev. Reginald Logan & Randy Hunt,

Planning 101: Preserving & Sustaining Community via Government Partnerships

Archeology Project Workshop

George Avery, Ph.D.

Preparation & Preservation in the Event of Disasters

Moderator: Stephanie Lang

TX-CERA, Rebecca Hankins (Archives 101), Texas Archive of the Moving Image

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